Baccarat in online casinos

Baccarat's game at the casino is extremely popular. Simple rules will be easily remembered even by a beginner who has never dealt with cards before.

baccarat game

Game description

Europe is considered the homeland of this card game. There are disputes between the French, Spanish and Italians about who invented the rules first. It is believed that the first bets began to be accepted in Sicily.

Initially, this game was carried away by representatives of the aristocracy. Baccarat's game at the casino implied compliance with certain etiquette, which was forbidden to retreat.

The main goal of all participants is to defeat the opponents. It is necessary to guess who will be lucky: the dealer or the player. This entertainment does not require learning difficult rules.

Baccarat's casino game is the case when the outcome of the round does not depend on the player. Here you can confidently apply the rule "as a card will lie down. At first glance, the lesson seems tedious enough. To appreciate the entertainment at its true worth, you need to try your hand at the game and get involved in the process.

Rules of the game in baccarat

Depending on the establishment, one or more card decks may be distributed. At the time of launch, 2 to 8 card decks are most often used. The number of players may not exceed 14 people. Before handing in the cards, the dealer must give one of the gamers the opportunity to remove the deck.

The winner will be the one who collects 9 points. Calculations do not require the use of complex arithmetic formulas. Cards with pictures and tens do not count, and for the rest of the cards use their face value. Before the game begins, each participant makes his or her own bet - on the victory of the gamer or dealer. Also possible option with a draw. Each participant is given 2 cards by the dealer, who also keeps a pair. If the dealer or gamer has 9 points, he is considered the winner. If the gamer has more than 9 points on his hands, then 10 points are taken away from the received value.

A player automatically receives a third card if he has scored less than 5 points after the hand.

How to play baccarat, strategies

Baccarat's game at the casino sets out fairly strict rules for the dealer. In particular, it concerns the purchase of a third card. The dealer cannot take the third card if the sum of his points is more than 6, and the player did not take the third card. After counting three points in total, the dealer can get a third card, provided that the gamer has not scored eight points. The third card is due to the dealer if he scored less than two points. With 7 points, the dealer will never be able to buy a third card.

Having scored 5 points, the dealer can get the third card only if the gamer does not have a card with a face value of 4-7 points. He may also receive a third card by initially earning 4 points if the player has not received a card with a face value of 0, 1 or 8 points.

There are only three types of bets in the game. Punto - when the gamer wins. In case of lucky payout the game will be 1:1. Banko is a bet on the dealer's victory. The casino pays the lucky one a fee of 19:20 or 1:1. In case of a draw, the payment reaches its maximum level. This is due to the minimum probability of winning. Payouts will be 9:1 or 8:1.

Online casino with baccarat game

To try your luck in this game, you don't have to go to a real casino. Today, this card game is available online, and the greatest interest for gamers is a drawing in live mode. It allows you to immerse yourself in the process and fully enjoy the effect of realism. In our ranking of casinos, you can easily choose an institution with this game.